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Thanks for the random follow, dude.

You are welcome, pal.


Yeah, I guess.


This is such a cute game! I love the idea of being able to toggle the game speed and the platformer was actually really fun.


Thanks! :)

I don't know what the controls are, so I fall in the hole every time.  Maybe add a screen before it starts rolling that tells you the basic controls?

Thanks for the feedback, for now I added controls to text description of the page, I will add in game info when I will be working on the game.

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300% speed no hat                                                                                                                                                                            This is really difficult, I mean, how do you get that score without the hat?!

Jokes aside I really like this!

Thanks for the comment!
You get more cash the more cash you have and the game doesn't get any harder. So if you managed to get 6.3k it's pretty nice. Getting just 2x more coins would result in you getting like 50k, twice more coins than that and you get like 200k. And there is a rhythm to the platforms creation, so if you get the rhythm just right, you can get there in no time!