Big brain dungeon

In each room:
► Only one door is safe
► Words of Wisdom tell you the truth
► Use mouse to navigate



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Hey, so I started playing this game because I found out about it on Reddit. I thought the game sounded very fun and it is! It also makes you really think before choosing an answer which is good. There's this bug though where when you click the right answer too quickly, it says that it's wrong. 


Very interesting! Was a real brain twister, had me scrambling for a note pad for the last one lol. Great Work! The screen does go blank when you click into fullscreen until you click again, just fyi. (I am using a very modded version of firefox though keep in mind)

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Thanks for the comment :)
I also had to take notes for the last one :D
I tried on chrome, edge, opera, and firefox and it works ok for me. Maybe it's a problem with some extension.
What is your monitor resolution?


I use a 2560x1440 monitor, though strangely enough on linux (I dual boot garuda and windows lol) It works fine, I think my setup is just bugging lol