[WIP This game is perfect, but not finished yet!]


This is a grid based puzzle game with a unique mechanic. Select two fruits of the same kind to collect them and everything in-between them! 

How to play

The goal of the game is to collect all fruits.

In the example below we will collect two oranges two watermelons and a coconut - all in one move:

Firstly we click/tap on the orange on the left side. It will start spinning and the background will turn green:

Now we click the second orange. Both selected oranges and everything in-between them gets collected:

  • You can collect fruits in the same column, row or diagonal.
  • Levels have multiple different valid solutions.
  • Collecting fruits randomly can quickly make the level impossible to complete.

Collectible Stars

For collecting all fruits in a level you get ★★★ and you win. If one fruit remains in the level you get ★★ and when two fruits remain you get ★.



More information about the game is available in the game wiki on github.com/Tymski/Fruits/wiki

Scroll to the top to play!

Browser support and known compatibility issues: 

  • Chrome: works on desktop and mobile.
  • Opera: works
  • Firefox: doesn't work in fullscreen mode.
  • Mobile safari: doesn't work at all.
  • Others: not tested
  • Embed version has some scaling issues, in that case try https://tymski.github.io/Fruits/ 
StatusIn development
Made withPixiJS
Tagsfruits, logic
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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