It's always your turn to move!

Grab each opposing piece in your way and get points according to the piece value.
You get +9 for queens, +5 for rooks, +3 for minor pieces (bishops and knights) and +1 for pawns.

You need to look ahead and think about your moves, but you also need to be quick and move as fast as possible, before your time runs out.

How to play?

There are 3 clickable files(columns). 
Tap on a column to go there. 
You can go forward if square in-front is empty. 
You can go diagonally only if there is a white piece!

Gameplay (v.1.0)


You can change colors. You have 8 colors for your and opposing pieces, 8 different game board styles.


There are 2 difficulty settings - Easy and Hard. Available at Settings->Difficulty

Easy - Capture pieces as you please. There always will be a valid path. You only need to look one move ahead.

Hard - You need to look 3 moves ahead. If you don't, you will eventually fall into traps with no possible moves. There is no going back, so be careful with your moves!

Time Control

There are many time control combinations to choose from accessible from Settings->Time_Control. Choose your base time and increment options to your liking. Each setting has separate high score.

Have fun!

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Chess, Endless

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This is brilliant, I had fun playing it!

Cool :)