Super Maze Maker

This game is a bunch of squares  ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ in different colors, scales and rotations!
Go from start to finish! Shoot the enemies, collect all green stuff to win. 


You can start moving by pressing [Up Arrow Key]. There is no way to stop! Once you start going, you go until you complete the level or until you are destroyed by enemies or you collide with a wall. You can turn using [Left Arrow Key] and [Right Arrow Key].


You can shoot using [Spacebar Key]. You have very limited number of bullets when you start a stage, but you may find some additional bullets in the stage. You can use bullets to defeat enemies or to collect items. That's right! You can shoot The Green Squares to pick them up.

The Green Squares

For lack of a better name, green squares are items present in the level, that you have to pick up in order to win. The number of green squares you collected and have to collect is displayed on the screen and on the stage Finish line.


Bouncers - They just bounce between walls horizontally xor vertically and kill you on contact. Bouncers can be defeated by your bullets or you can just pass by them. They are represented by red squares.


On your way you can find big blue boxes. These are checkpoints, that you can grab only by going onto them. They cannot be captured by bullets. When you die, you spawn on the latest grabbed checkpoint. If you shoot and then die, you don't get your bullets back. However, you can always reset the stage by pressing [R Key].


Gates are represented by orange/yellow rectangles with keyholes. When you have a key, the gates turn yellow signifying that you can pass. You can shoot through gates.

View / Camera

You can zoom in with [Plus] and zoom out with [Minus] or by [Scrolling] with the mouse

You can view the whole stage by pressing [Tab Key].

Experimental: Press [F2] to switch to 3D camera.


Audio can adjust audio volume in the Settings in main menu..


All stages are unlocked right now. In the future there will be additional levels you can unlock for completing other levels. Each stage saves the fastest clear time, so you can speed run after you completed the stages.

More features

You can request features and present your ideas in the comment section below.


Music in the alpha is by Kevin Macleod @

Map Editor Alpha

 [ LMB] + [Drag Mouse]  to place and scale new Objects.

 Select objects from the sidebar or use keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl+Shift+S to save level as, Ctrl+O to open level... All the keyboard binding are available in the Editor menu [Esc] -> Hotkeys.


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