► Use arrows ← and → or [A] and [D] to control the pad.
► Or drag on the screen to control the pad.

Game rules:
► Boxes give you more points on each bounce.
► After few bounces you get an extra bonus.
► You lose 1 point when non-bordered box falls off-screen.

►  Additional points.
► Increased pad size bonus that slowly decays.
► Additional box - more boxes fall from the sky!
► Increased pad speed bonus that decays.
► Additional pad that mirrors your moves. Lasts for 20 bounces.
► Vision of what's inside the falling boxes for a short period.
► Instantly reverse the direction of all bouncing boxes.
► Stop bouncing boxes, they lose most of their velocity.

► Make a pad that is whole screen long

Open source: 
The game source code is available at

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I feel like I played pretty well!!

I like the unique(because, well, I haven't actually played that many games) concept with the Pong.


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I am a novice(;-;)

Hello World!
This is my first game and first comment on!